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Automation Could Either Boost or Displace Working Women

​New technology could disrupt work life for tens of millions of women globally over the next decade, creating both the possibility of greater opportunity and pay and the risk of bigger wage gaps and job loss, a new McKinsey Global Institute report suggests. While men face comparable occupational disruption, workplace …

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Axios AM Deep Dive – April 6, 2019

Millennials will be the first generation to fully face the new age of automation, which could wipe out jobs faster than the economy creates new ones, writes Future Editor Steve LeVine. Why it matters: Millennials — who disrupted our culture, stores and workplaces — now face their own coming upheaval. …

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Women more at risk of job automation

Job creation Andrew Gardner, director of Reed Technology, said: “Although automation will undoubtedly lead to the streamlining of certain jobs which humans are no longer required for, it will also lead to the creation of numerous more jobs, such as software engineers and developers, as new machines and equipment will …

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