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Collective Gift of $1M for NMAAM

NASHVILLE, TN — The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) recently announced a joint gift of $1 million from the Regions Foundation and the Mike Curb Foundation, a major step forward for the trailblazing and interactive new museum, slated to open in downtown Nashville later this year. Each organization …

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Middle Class Parents Suffering Financial Stress Spank Their Kids

Parents who feel economically challenged are more likely to use harsh physical discipline tactics, including spanking, according to new research conducted at the University of Illinois. Data from the headline-grabbing study draws a causal line between economic security and corporal punishment. Parents who feel economically insecure are more likely to …

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The Resilience of the American Vacation in Mexico

Twenty years of escalating violence and recent political tension between the U.S. and Mexico are changing how Americans plan, book, and take vacations south of the border. Despite the turmoil, few Americans are deterred. They are still going — Mexico’s beaches in particular have been a staple for the better …

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The Student Debt Trap: Why millennials are settling down later

Brandon Jetter — Photo Credits: ALLYSON KO / AGGIE Mounting student loans are pushing back the prospect of marriage There was a lot of talk about America’s improved economic status during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address last week, but curiously missing from the dialogue was one …

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The man who saved the GI Bill

Nearly 75 years ago, on a stormy night in southern Georgia, U.S. Rep. John S. Gibson was rushed by a police motorcycle escort from his hometown of Douglas to Jacksonville, Fla., where a plane awaited him. He flew off to Washington, D.C. , arriving just in time to cast his …

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Sacred Medicine

On stage, John Two-Hawks is regal, mystical, mesmerizing audiences as the ethereal notes of the flute float skyward in a salute to the Lakota Sioux spirits. Off stage, the Eureka Springs musician is the Energizer bunny of Native American performers. His new album, “American Shaman,” is his 28th in a …

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