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Studio Lotus Refreshes 18th-Century Indian Fortress Hotel

Will Speros •
April 15, 2019

New Delhi-based architecture firm Studio Lotus has unveiled its revitalization of a former 18th-century fortress-hotel in Udaipur, India into the RAAS Devigarh, a new 5-Star boutique hotel concept.

The two-phase renovation began with the restoration of the original material intent of the historic fortress. An update during the 1990s that blanched the interiors in white plaster was sandblasted away to reveal original gray and red sandstone detailing. A renewed, more contemporary circulation scheme followed as part of the second phase, which included the addition of a bespoke metal staircase for improved access to the three floors of the West Wing. Dining spaces were also extended on the second floor of the West Wing, while traditional baithak-style seating was introduced in the hotel’s Durbar Hall as well as the jhorakhas, or overhanging balconies.