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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Joliet Business

JOLIET, IL – A Coal City woman has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit this week at the Will County Courthouse accusing her former Joliet employer, the Holistic Science Pain Clinic, of getting rid of her after she repeatedly complained about a client who kept exposing himself to her during his weight loss treatments, her lawsuit alleges.

The plaintiff is Brittany Hoop and she has retained attorney David Levin of the Northbrook Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman. The Will County lawsuit accuses Holistic Science Pain Clinic of violating the Illinois Human Rights Act.

The Joliet business has yet to file its response to Hoop’s new lawsuit.

Hoop went to work at Holistic Science Pain Clinic in January 2017 and she worked as an esthetician and medical assistant, according to the court documents.

In late December of 2017, she spoke with a potential client over the phone “about weight loss procedures provided by defendant. During that consultation, it appeared to (Hoop) that (the man) was deliberately trying to extend the consultation in order to speak with (Hoop) longer than was necessary.”

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According to the plaintiff, the man set up his initial consultation for Jan. 10, 2018. At the Joliet business on Infantry Drive, the man was asked to remove his shirt “so they could address the area of his body that to which he wanted defendant’s weight loss procedure applied. (The man) ignored plaintiff‘s instructions and removed all of his clothing except for his underwear,” court records outline.

The man told Hoop “he wanted to remove fat from his groin and buttocks region,” however, Hoop told him “she could not apply the weight loss procedure to those areas,” the lawsuit states.

Next, the man laid down on the table where “he pulled down his underwear and partially exposed his penis to plaintiff. Plaintiff attempted to ignore (him) and texted defendant’s owner, Asad Cheema, explaining that she was uncomfortable and that (the man) had partially exposed his penis to her,” the lawsuit notes.

However, Cheema, “told (Hoop) in a text message that (the man) seemed harmless and instructed (her) to pick up the towels in the consultation room,” court records show.

After the new client left, Hoop “went into the office of her manager, Tubassam Abbsi, “and had a panic attack. In response to witnessing plaintiff‘s panic attack and hearing plaintiff recall her interactions with (the man), Abbsi told plaintiff not to worry because (the man) was old,” the lawsuit alleges.

The Coal City woman allegedly asked Abbsi “to do the procedure with (the man) but Abbsi refused telling plaintiff to ‘get used to it,'” her lawsuit states.

Four days later, the older man returned for his second consultation, on Jan. 14, 2018, and when Hoop told him that she planned to have a male coworker in the room during his appointment, he told her would immediately leave if that happened, the lawsuit outlines.

Hoop “was aware that the employee previously in her position was discharged for losing a sale so she continued with the procedure despite her fear of (the man) … During the consultation, (the man) repeatedly showed plaintiff his erect penis,” the lawsuit contends.

Hoop stated that she complained and told her manager that she wanted another employee to perform the man’s procedure. “Abbsi refused and instead pressured plaintiff, telling plaintiff that she was the only employee who could do the procedure,” the lawsuit noted.

The man returned a third time, Jan. 16, 2018, for another weight loss procedure and stripped off all of his clothes, “but kept his underwear on low enough that he was exposing most of his penis to plaintiff,” the lawsuit states.

During the weight loss procedure, which involved taking photographs of clients, the man “badgered plaintiff to allow him to pose for the photos nude. Plaintiff refused and instructed (him) to keep his underwear on,” court documents state.

Then, the man became aggressive inside the Joliet clinic, the lawsuit outlines.

The man “reached out and attempted to pull (Hoop’s) pants down. (He) also asked if he could smell (her) hair and indicated that he had thought about her all weekend … once (he) was lying down with the applicators on his abdomen, he pulled his underwear down and exposed his erect penis to plaintiff,” court documents state.

The man mentioned in Hoop’s lawsuit is not named as a co-defendant and there are no records at the Will County Courthouse indicating he has been charged with any criminal offenses in the case.

The next day, Jan. 18, 2018, “as a result of her fears about (the client) and defendant’s inaction, defendant constructively terminated plaintiff by forcing her to resign, due to the hostile and unsafe working environment on Jan. 17, 2018,” argues her lawyer David Levin.

The lawsuit contends that the actions of the Joliet’s Holistic Science Pain Clinic “as alleged above constituted civil rights violations in relation to plaintiff‘s employment with defendant … When plaintiff was harassed, discriminated against and retaliated against, plaintiff‘s sex was the motivating reason in defendants’ conduct.”

Image via John Ferak/Patch