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Scottish lorry driver with fetish for dressing in ladies’ lingerie broke into women’s homes to STEAL their underwear

A LORRY driver with a fetish for dressing in ladies’ lingerie broke into women’s homes to nick their underwear.

Shamed Craig Brydon, 38, was snared with a stash of stolen smalls hidden at his house in Hawick, Roxburghshire.

Brydon was snared by cops with a stash of stolen undies

The knicker fiend was only caught when DNA was found in a shoe at the scene of one burglary.

And he has been branded a pervert by his horrified victims.

Serial love cheat from Kirkintilloch taunted woman with her stolen underwear after she escaped their abusive relationship

A cancer patient targeted by Brydon described how she was left “absolutely devastated” by his raid on her home.

The creep stole her underwear and a tutu — and even took a blonde wig the 53-year-old wore while having chemotherapy.

One of the victims was targeted in Fenton Grange, Northumberland

The victim fears the thief — who got sexual kicks from wearing women’s lingerie — sat on her bed to try on the personal items.

She said: “The police showed me what they found and I broke down.

“There was underwear and my good make-up. There was my blonde wig from when I had cancer. There were bracelets, a tutu skirt, hair clips and hair accessories.

“It was horrible someone was going through my belongings without me knowing about it.

A court heard Brydon gets sexual kicks from wearing ladies underwear

“I was absolutely devastated. He probably sat on my bed and tried the wig on. It’s just horrible.”

The victim was one of three women whose homes in Wooler, Northumberland, were burgled.

One terrified mum-to-be woke in the night to find Brydon crawling across her bedroom floor. She screamed and her husband woke up and chased him out their house.

Brydon got a suspended sentence and must do 120 hours of unpaid work. But his victim, who we are not naming, said: “It’s too lenient.”

Brydon was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court

Newcastle Crown Court heard Brydon had claimed he found the women’s clothes in charity shops.

But he later admitted the raids and defence lawyer Tariq Khawam said the lorry driver had been suffering from an intense sexual fetish known as paraphilia at the time.

Brydon admitted three raids over the summer of 2016. He was given a 16-month sentence suspended for a year and a half and must also undergo 20 days of rehab.

Judge Edward Bindloss told him he was “perfectly entitled” to wear women’s underwear but he should not have raided houses to enable his fantasies.

He added: “One of the victims was pregnant and frightened. It has had a significant effect on her.”

But the judge went on: “It is clear that at 35 you were a hard working man, a family man, had children and lived a blameless life.

“You have put your life back on track. A combination of your mother dying of cancer, your marriage significantly failing and your misuse of alcohol contributed greatly.”

Brydon was not at his home tonight but a woman who claimed to be his sister said: “It’s all been dealt with. It’s history now.”


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