Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Safe Families for Children celebrates major milestone

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Sometimes, it can be hard for parents to find support for their children during difficult situations. One organization in Rapid City is helping them get back on track.

Safe Families for Children is an organization keeping everyone together during a temporary crisis.

Some of those situations include homelessness, unemployment, parents facing eviction, or mothers unable to find childcare during illness or drug rehabilitation. During these times of crisis, children stay with volunteer host families.

It’s not adoption or foster care, and parents still have full custody of their children while the situation is being addressed.

Currently, 93% of all families hosted by the organization are reunited.

“We’ve hosted, since we’ve started in 2014, 169 kiddos, and so that’s several families that we’ve helped out. So this year in 2019 we’ve hosted around 14 kiddos,” said Bethany’s Safe Families for Children Coordinator Shelby Kruckenber.

Safe Families for Children is hosting a Family Preservation Day today to celebrate hosting 10,000 families.

To get involved, people can support an existing host family or become one themselves. You can find more information here.