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Robert Weinstein WILL stand trial in suit filed by worker forced to give Harvey penis injections

Robert Weinstein tried to quit, but they pulled him back in.  

The brother of disgraced mogul Harvey suffered a big loss in court in Tuesday when Judge Barbara Jaffe denied his motion to be dismissed as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a former company employee.

It was also ordered that Robert submit his response to the initial complaint within 20 days, and a pre-trial hearing was set for late July. 

Robert was named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by Sandeep Rehal last year in New York Supreme Court.

Rehal said she was forced to set up Weinstein’s love nest during the two years she worked at the company, provide him with the shot of Caravject that would be injected into his penis before sex and then clean up the aftermath of those encounters. 

Weinsetin denied he allegations, and claimed that Rehal was never his assistant ina  response filed last month.

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Clink: A judge dismissed Robert Weinstein’s motion to dismiss an action brought against him by an employee of his brother Harvey (Harvey and Robert above in 2015)

Weinstein stated that he could not recall when or if Rehal worked for the company before later stating that the damages she may have suffered were caused by herself because of her own behavior.

‘Plaintiff Sandeep Rehal was a female employee of Defendants employed as a personal assistant to Harvey Weinstein in TWC’s New York City office located in the County of New York from approximately February 2013 to February 13, 2015,’ wrote Rehal’s lawyer in the complaint.

In his answer, it is that claim which elicits the strongest response from Weinstein.

‘Denies that Plaintiff was employed as Weinstein’s personal assistant, and denies having knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the remaining allegations,’ wrote Weinstein’s lawyer.

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In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle last year, Rehal detailed how she came to work at The Weinstein Company.

‘I was friends with his wife, Georgina Chapman’s second assistant [at the time],’ said Rehal.

‘My friend told me HW’s office was hiring and thought I would be a great fit.

I passed her my resume, the director of his office called me, I met HW and I had the job.’

Weinstein also denied that he ‘created a sexually hostile work environment’ before stating in his second affirmative defense: ‘The damages allegedly suffered by [Rehal] were caused in whole or in part, or were exacerbated by, [Rehal’s] own negligence and/or culpable conduct and, accordingly, [Rehal’s] claim is therefore barred or diminished in the proportion that such negligence and culpable conduct bears to the total culpable conduct causing the alleged damages.

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Sandeep Rehal (above) said in a 2018 compliant that she was forced to clean up semen on a weekly basis, gather used condoms and even give Harvey Weinstein penis shots

Rehal initially filed her lawsuit in federal court before moving it to New York Supreme Court in February 2018 after her action was thrown out by a judge for the Southern District of New York who cited a lack of jurisdiction.

Weinstein’s brother and the company’s former head of human resources Frank Gil and the Weinstein Company were also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Rehal was just 26 when she began working for Weinstein in February 2013, according to court filings.

Two years later she quit, claiming in her complaint that this decision was made because of the sexual harassment, gender discrimination and physical and emotional abuse she dealt with at the hands of her boss.

‘Much of Ms.

Rehal’s work as an employee of TWC involved catering to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual appetites and activities, and catering to his demeaning and often abusive family members,’ states the complaint.

Examples of this include Rehal being forced to ‘take dictation of emails from Weinstein while he was naked,’ Weinstein calling her a ‘c’ and a ‘pussy’ on a daily basis and being pawed at by her boss despite her efforts to minimize that behavior, states the complaint.

It was also Rehal who was tasked with maintaining the mogul’s now infamous list, with asterisks added alongside some of the women to indicate they were his ‘sexual partners’, according to Rehal.

‘Harvey Weinstein also ordered Ms.

Rehal to obtain and set up an apartment close to the office for him to use with one of his sexual liaisons, and purchase women‘s lingerie for the woman in that apartment as well as gifts for other women,’ states the complaint.

She then claims that the head of human resources even knew about her giving Weinstein penile injections.

‘[Rehal] was required to manage the stock of Caverject shots for his erectile dysfunction. She had to obtain the shots and keep them stocked in cabinet behind her desk at Harvey Weinstein’s TWC office,’ reads the complaint.

‘Every time Harvey Weinstein went to meet a woman at a hotel, in the office, or elsewhere, which occurred on average at least three times a week when he was in New York, Ms. Rehal was required as part of her job to provide Harvey Weinstein with a shot, which she placed in his jacket pocket or in a brown paper bag.

Things became a problem however when the shots were not available in London during one trip.

‘Harvey Weinstein ordered Ms.

Rehal to find a supply in the United States and gave her a bonus of $500 paid by TWC for doing so. [HR head] Frank Gil, knowing that the bonus was for Ms.

Rehal’s procurement of erectile dysfunction drugs, authorized the payment,’ writes Rehal’s lawyer in the initial court filing.

Rehal claims she was also tasked with attending to the aftermath of these liaisons as well, especially if they took place in Weinstein’s office.

‘Ms. Rehal had to pick up Harvey Weinstein’s used Caverject shots, which he tossed on the floor in his office, hotel rooms and his apartment,’ states the complaint.

‘She also had to pick up his used condom, and clean up rooms before housekeeping personnel would do their work.’

And while Weinstein was in New York, Rehal allegedly had to ‘clean up the semen on the couch in Harvey Weinstein’s office.

That happened ‘three or so times a week’ according to her complaint.

Rehal, who now lives in California, is demanding damages to be determined by a jury following trial.