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RHONJ Top 10 Moments of Season 10

With season 10 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (also known as RHONJ) coming to an end, today I am counting down the top 10 moments from the season! From Jennifer throwing utensils across the table at Melissa to the iconic hair pull that got everyone talking; here is the top 10 moments from season 10!

#10. Jackie Goldschnider reveals that she’s never given her Husband Evan a Blow Job!

Fans went crazy when Jackie Goldschnider revealed that she doesn’t give her hot husband Evan Blowjobs! During a shopping event, the housewife shared some revealing information on her sex life with husband Evan, saying “Jewish girls don’t give blowjobs”. Seems a little bizarre to me, but to each their own! And let’s not stereotype jeiwsh girls here Jackie, we all know plenty that give a nice BJ!

#9. Teresa’s Daughter Gia Giudice goes to Prom with Dolores son Frankie Catania

During a recent episode of RHONJ, super fans got the ultimate treat as they saw Teresa’s oldest daughter Gia go to prom with long time family friend and Dolores Son, Frankie Catania. Hot couple alert! The couple we didn’t see coming, and didn’t know we needed!! Gia wore a beautiful light blue gown as she strutted down the famous Giudice double staircase to greet her date Frankie at the door for her prom. Teresa and Dolores both said later on the aftershow, that they would love for their kids to get together in the future, but they’re both in college right now and it’s not the right time. Will be waiting for that wedding on Season 20.

credit: Bravo

#8. Jackie Goldschnider opens up to her kids about her previous eating disorder

All season long Jackie’s castmates have noticed her lack of eating and attention to food. Jackie showed her kids and father an old video of her at prom when she was overweight stating “I almost died”. The housewife opened up throughout the season about her struggles with food all her life and on a trip to the Hamptons she got into it with castmate Margaret, who called her out for only eating a bag of chips for breakfast.

#7. Dolores and Jackie get into a heated argument in Jamaica
The unlikely duo to ever fight got into it during the cast trip to Jamaica when Jennifer revealed to Jackie that Dolores doesn’t consider her a friend. Jackie was blindsided in that she had no idea Dolores felt that way about her. Dolores stated to the other housewives “She’s cut from a different cloth, and with that I could never be close to her”. The housewives argued at the dinner table as Dolores made new housewife Jackie feel distant from the rest of the group telling her that she could never be close to her because she wasn’t “old school italian” Jackie did not like that.

credit: Bravo

#6. Jennifer opens up about her mother not accepting her brothers sexuality

Throughout the season Jennifer has been trying to bridge the gap between her gay brother Steven and her mother. Being that her mother is from Turkey she has these old school beliefs and she is stuck in her ways. Jennifer has made many attempts throughout the season to get through to her mother that she ne to acknowledge her son. On Episode 14 we see Jennifer’s mom do exactly that at an event in New York City for Steven’s theater community. Many fans may say this was one of Jennifer’s better moments on the show mending this relationship considering her other moments on the show haven’t been the best. Will explain soon. Keep reading.

#5. Teresa admits that she believes soon to be ex husband Joe cheated on her

On the cast trip down the Jersey Shore, Teresa admitted that her husband Joe had another phone that he would use to communicate to only one girl with during the early days of their marriage. During a deep group convo Teresa said she believed her husband Joe cheated on her when asked by brother Joe Gorga. Teresa stated “I should have left then” referring to the first time cheating rumors surfaced in their relationship when eldest daughter Gia (now 18) was only three. Fans of the show along with housewife and sister in law Melissa, were not surprised but happy to see Teresa finally open up and come to terms with it. We’re all hoping to see single Teresa in Season 11.

#4. Jennifer throws utensils across the table at Melissa Gorga

During a cast trip to housewife Jackie’s house in the Hamptons, all the housewives got into heated debate at lunch about throwing lavish parties and things really escalated between Jennifer and Melissa particularly. The disagreement started off with Jennifer calling Jackie cheap for only serving pizza at her children’s birthday party and Melissa came to Jackie’s defense saying “will see whose children are set up in thirty years” implying that Jackie was being smart with her money by not going overboard for a birthday party. That didn’t sit well with Jennifer as she took it as Melissa was saying her kids won’t be successful because Jennifer is known to spend thousands of dollars on parties for her kids. Jennifer then threw forks across the table at Melissa and Melissa lost it. The fight was explosive and Jennifer ended up leaving the trip early.

#3. Teresa and her 4 daughters visit Joe Giducie in Italy amid being deported

The long awaited reunion we’ve all been waiting to see after Teresa’s husband Joe has spent the past 3 and a half years in prison. After almost 5 months in ICE, Joe Giduice couldn’t fight any longer to stay in America and was forced to be deported to Italy.
Teresa took her girls to visit him for the long awaited reunion that fans and Teresa’s daughter couldn’t wait any long for. Safe to say this was the most emotional moment of the season and an end to a very long battle the Giudices have faced.

credit: Bravo

#2. Danielle pulls Margaret’s hair across the room
Bravo has been teasing this fight all season and on Episode 10 we finally saw dare I say the most iconic fight in ALL of housewives history. During a shopping event at Teresa’s friend Steven Dann’s boutique the feud brewing between Margaret Josephs and old friend Danielle Staub reached new heights. What started off as a screaming match between the two ladies on who was the bigger prostitute, turned into Margaret dumping water on Danielles head, to Danielle burning all the items in Margarets purse into a candle, to the crazy hair pull no one saw coming. On the RHONJ after show on Bravo it was revealed by Margaret that it was 13 minutes after the fight ended when Danielle decided to pull Margarets pony tail from behind and drag her across the room causing Margaret to get whiplash. Dare I say the most explosive fight ever, and it gets crazier, keep reading for the number one top moment of the season.

#1. Danielle exposes only friend Teresa for influencing the hair pull
On a cast trip down the Jersey Shore Danielle met with Melissa to tell her she was influenced by Teresa to pull Margaret’s hair during the crazy fight at Steven Dann’s boutique a few weeks prior. When Melissa got back a chance to tell the other ladies later that night Margaret was understandably livid as she learned that someone she thought was a friend (Teresa) played a part in the violent attack of Danielle. But, it got even crazier when Teresa said the words “I hope they don’t use this” breaking the fourth wall as we saw the cameras zoom out on the other cameras and producers. Something we never see. The final part of the RHONJ reunion is coming up where we get to see if Margaret has forgiven Teresa and her Teresa’s side of the story.


Zachary Ryan Weinberg is a Real Housewives superfan and will not hold back sharing his opinions of his favorite moments of the Jersey season !