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‘RHOC’: Kelly Dodd ‘Glad’ Vicki Gunvalson Was Demoted: It Should’ve Happened ‘A Long Time Ago’

Vicki Gunvalson’s demotion from the main ‘RHOC’ cast left her feeling sad and ‘disappointed.’ On the other hand, her rival, Kelly Dodd, tells HollywoodLife that she’s only disappointed that it didn’t happen sooner!

After thirteen seasons, Vicki Gunvalson, 57, the “OG of the OC,” was demoted from the main cast of Real Housewives of Orange County to the role of part-time “friend.” This move left Vicki, who has been with the show from the very beginning, feeling “sad” and “offended.” Yet, to her rival, Kelly Dodd, 43, the move was a long time in the making. As Kelly EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife, she’s glad that Vicki got kicked to the curb, and the less time she has to worry about that “bully,” the better.

HollywoodLife: Fans went absolutely nuts when it was announced that Vicki was being demoted. You guys have had your ups and downs over the years, so how do you feel?

Kelly Dodd: “I’m glad that she’s demoted because I think she should’ve got demoted a long time ago. But I, you know what, she started the OC. I really don’t want to talk bad about her because she did pave the way for everybody else. How many franchises are there? She really was the one that started it, and so did my friend Lauri Peterson and she doesn’t have anything really nice to say about Vicki or Tamra [Judge], but she was one of the OGs, and she was one of my really good friends. But Vicki just happened to last longer than the original cast.”

We know we do see Vicki a lot this season. How did you feel about that? We are going to see her so much, even though she’s not a full-time wife.

“I try not to let Vicki bother me. I try not to get upset with her. She does like to antagonize me. She likes to bully me. Vicky loves to divide and conquer. That’s what she likes to do, and she does a great job of doing it.”

You and Vicki beef a ton this season, I have heard. You told her a little bit on social media, so can you say where you’re at right now? We also heard that you went to her engagement party, so it seems …?

“I went to her engagement party because A) she invited me to go, and B) I really am trying to not react. I’ve been going through therapy with Mr. Michael Dodd. One of my — I don’t want to give away too much of the story — but I really try not to be reactive. I’m trying to learn that you can’t control other people. I can only control myself. I’m really trying to not react to her, you know? I just really want to be positive, and not negative like her. I’m trying to be opposite.”

Vicki is synonymous with Real Housewives of Orange County, for she is the last remaining member of the original cast (and RHOC is the original franchise that spawned all the other spin-offs.) Her demotion ahead of season 14 left her “sad and disappointed,” but she took the L in stride. In fact, it may have opened up a new opportunity. She revealed in July that she is “working” on a new show with her friends Tamara Judge and Shannon Beador, 55. “Stay tuned for what’s coming up next with #tresamigas. I love these ladies.” The project turned out to be a bar/restaurant, but you never know — Vicki might just get her own Vanderpump Rules-style show about the Tres Amigas running a restaurant. Who ne an orange now?