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‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Fans concerned over Emily’s decision to seek Tamra’s help to lose weight

RHOC housewife Emily Simpson has always been at the forefront when it comes to promoting body positivity. The housewife has been constantly criticized by several trolls on the internet for her weight and even fellow housewife Tamra Judge has body-shamed Emily by referring to her as “shrek.”
So, in the recently aired episode 10, when Emily reached out to Tamra and her husband, Eddie Judge, for helping her lose some weight, several fans couldn’t help but be worried about Emily’s decision. Tamra isn’t the most supportive person when it comes to helping people or handling their insecurities. Emily has revealed on the episode which aired on October 8, that she has been having some health issues owing to her weight, and after being coerced into seeking help by her husband Shane and fellow cast member Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily surprised us all by showing up at Tamra and Eddie’s gym.
While Eddie was sensitive and supportive of Emily, we couldn’t help but notice Tamra’s condescending tone and the judgemental looks she threw at her fellow housewife. Fans immediately began seeing red-flags and didn’t waste any time to share their thoughts on social media.
A fan wrote, “Hearing Tamra say “I think Emily’s been putting on weight because…” made me sick. She’s just so condescending, Emily looks fucking FINE, in fact she looks great. Giving her a stank face for putting cream AND sugar in her coffee – get out of here Tamra, and THEN to say that she’s technically “obese” at 190 lbs, and that this is going to be a life long battle… this is just too much. They are talking to her like she is on My 600lb Life. God the standards of these women are so toxic. No wonder Emily thinks the best she can get is Shane! Someone please tell her she’s a damn queen!”

Another fan criticized Tamra with, “Tamra’s overreactions to Emily telling her about her dietary habits was about as bad as when Shannon’s trainer said “wow” when he took her before pictures and weighed her a couple of years ago. Your judgment doesn’t help in that situation, Tamra #RHOC.” “I would rather eat a tray of glass than get weighed at Cut Fitness with Tamra. Emily. Oh no,” tweeted a fan.

Emily Simpson and Tamra Judge (Instagram)

“I hate the idea of Emily asking Tamra for help losing weight, especially after she called her Shrek. Also, I don’t think Tamra can help her lose the 90 pounds of dead weight that is Emily’s husband”, pointed out a fan who felt that Tamra might not help Emily’s quest to lose weight. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “I hope that Emily can get to a weight that she feels comfortable with. I just wish that she went to someone other than Tamra.” Few fans have already begun speculating about what Tamra’s intentions might be with pretending to help Emily. A fan expressed, “I feel like this “help” from Tamra is just a way for her to fat shame Emily on national television. Sorry, Tammy Sue is calculated and doesn’t do anything on camera without thinking of every angle.”
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