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Minecraft guide for parents: Using the Education Edition for free for you and your kids

Once you’re a master at getting Minecraft up and running, all that’s left to learn how to use all the resources at your disposal to not only help your child learn in subjects like agriculture, arithmetic, history, chemistry, architecture, and more but to be involved and share in the fun too. The special thing about Minecraft: Education Edition is that it actively encourages cooperation and creativity in a guided learning environment. It was already possible to use this to your advantage, but Microsoft has made this easier than ever before in the last few months. Here’s what you need to check out.

Our full guide to Minecraft: Education Edition. If you want to know where these features come from, we’ve compiled a complete guide on all the essentials. Not all of these features may be available to you, but it still might be useful to know what the Education Edition is capable of.
Our guide to using Minecraft: Education Edition features at home. We also have a more focused, streamlined guide that focuses just on what every parent will be able to access at home, regardless of what accounts or services your child uses for school.
The latest news for Minecraft: Education Edition. Microsoft and Mojang have made some changes to the program recently. The first change was expanding access to students that use Microsoft 365 Education accounts at school, even if the school isn’t paying for Minecraft: Education Edition. If you know your child uses Microsoft‘s services like Office 365 for school, make sure their teachers know about this! The second change is a new Education Collection for vanilla Minecraft that’s available right now, for free.
The Minecraft Education Collection through the Marketplace. The aforementioned Education Collection includes different lessons, challenges, and worlds. You can learn about the human eye, explore the International Space Station, and complete lessons about math, marine biology, and more, for a total of 12 fantastic resources. These are all available starting right now for free until June 30, 2020, and make it even easier for you to access them for use, rather than trying to put things together yourself. I highly recommend taking advantage of this while the offer is available.
A smarter solution

It’s undeniable that a lot of things are changing right now, and much of it is not for the better. That doesn’t mean that your children have to disrupt their learning, or that they have to be miserable being taught remotely. Minecraft: Education Edition makes these lessons fun, interactive, encourage your children to learn with their friends, and means that you can be involved in the whole process. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too. It’s commendable that Microsoft and Mojang have made several critical changes to make these tools more pain-free to utilize because we need these kinds of solutions now more than ever.

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