Friday , January 24 2020
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Letter: Donations of feminine products helping women


In the 10 short months since “I Support The Girls–Whidbey Island” was established, we’ve had phenomenal success.

Thanks to all the wonderfully generous people who believe in what we do and understand the need.

To date, these wonderful folks have helped us deliver over 83,345 necessities such as feminine hygiene supplies, bras and underwear.

We humbly thank the people who donate monthly, who order online and have their donation delivered, who take time to donate in any of our saw donation boxes, who sew “period packs” and knit hats or who volunteer their time to help.

We also thank the salons and fitness centers who have participated in our “challenges” to collect donations as well as the service organizations who invited me to speak and hear what we are all about. And all the folks who stopped by our table out front of Walmart.

All the items donated mean the world to those in the various shelters for the homeless, economically distressed, the schools and the jail.

The need is still there. A woman’s period does not stop because we are beginning a new decade.

A woman cannot stand up straight with dignity and self-respect without proper hygiene and clothing.

Without dignity and self-respect, a woman cannot believe that she is valuable and that she has worth.

So, our job is far from over.

In 2020, we hope to more than double our donations by holding more fund raisers, business challenges, awareness and informative campaigns and, of course, we will be back in front of Walmart as soon as the weather allows.

Our Amazon Smile link for supplies is and our donation link through our main headquarters is

We sincerely hope you will join us in making someone’s life a little better. And we are truly grateful to all those who have helped us get this far.

Kate Mistler

Oak Harbor