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Law Roundup, Wet bandit soaks woman’s clothing

A woman told the Kalispell Police Department someone had broken into her house, ransacked the place and stolen some of her clothing. She also reported the burglar had taken her water jug out of her refrigerator and poured it in her underwear drawer. She had a suspicion about who the suspect could be.

A womans boyfriend apparently locked her in her house but her sister let her out.

A man tried to cash a check that was allegedly washed. He walked up on foot to the drive-thru window at a bank to cash the suspicious check. The bank attempted to contact the bank account owner and the police met with a person in the parking lot who seemed to match a description of the suspicious man, but he turned out not to be a suspect.

A man asked an officer to call him regarding a suspicious voicemail he had received, but when the officer called back he was unable to leave a voicemail on the mans phone.

A man called the police with questions about his grandson driving without a drivers license. He specifically wanted to know about driving within the Kalispell city limits, but the officer who tried to call him back wasnt able to get ahold of him.

A man claimed he thought he smelled a meth cloud coming through his window. He didnt want the police to do anything about his suspicion, but he simply wanted the information to be recorded.

It was unclear if a woman stole another persons dog when she reported a shih tzu without tags to the police. She claimed she found the dog, but she also seemed to know the dogs owner was abusive and asked for the dog to be picked up.

Someone reported three children who had supposedly been left unattended in a car in a parking lot for a few minutes, but the vehicle had already left by the time an officer responded to the alleged negligence.

A man locked his keys in his vehicle while the car was running.

A dispatcher could hear someone moving around and male and female voices on an open line when someone called 911. The dispatcher called back and learned it had been a buttdial.

A neighbor complained to a police officer about a bunch of druggies frequenting his neighbors yard. He said he was tired of all the drug activity and sketchy people in the area.

A woman was reportedly told to call law enforcement to talk about her stolen mail, but she said she was unaware she was missing any mail.

A woman who had been asked to leave multiple downtwn buildings claimed a man had hit her while he was trying to get her to leave his property. He claimed he had simply put her shopping cart outside the building but hadnt hit her. There were no witnesses and no evidence she had been attacked.