Wednesday , June 3 2020
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Labour candidate calling me the worst swear word in the book was disgusting and sexist

I’M not a professional politician.

I made my name as the creator of the Ultimo lingerie brand, which I sold five years ago, but still have many other businesses.

Entrepreneur Michelle Mone has been left ‘shocked’ by comments made about her by Labour candidate Ian ByrneCredit: PA:Press Association

When I got the call nominating me for a seat in House of Lords in 2015, I was delighted, proud and it has been a privilege to bring my business experience to Parliament.

In the House of Lords there are often heated debates, with opinions firmly held on all sides of the House. But we always respect each other, and do not result to personal insults or hateful language.


There’s nothing wrong with straight talking in politics. I’m from Glasgow and know how to call a spade a spade!

But there are limits – and as this election is quickly showing, time and time again Labour politicians end up on the wrong side of that line.

I was shocked to find this week that Ian Byrne, selected this week as the Labour parliamentary candidate for West Derby, had made some vile comments about me on social media.

He’d called me the worst swear word in the book, and incited violence against me too.

These disgusting and sexist comments come from a man who could well become a Labour MP.

The Labour candidate also used abusive language against Tory Housing Minister Esther McVey.

And worse, he made offensive comments about Boris Johnson’s mother, and joked about the evil crimes of Jimmy Saville.

Mr Byrne has also made horrible remarks about the incredible athletes taking part in the Paralympic games.

Michelle Mone is urging politicians to ‘raise the tone of debate’Credit: Rex Features Labour candidate Ian Byrne is facing calls to resign over his social media posts about Baroness Michelle Mone and Tory minister Esther McVeyCredit: PA:Press Association’THE PUBLIC DESERVES MORE’

The use of such malicious language has no place in our public discourse. If he was in the business world, he would be sacked on the spot.

I’m fortunate to be thick skinned – but the public deserve better than this. They don’t want to trade a broken parliament simply for an abusive one.

Female politicians face daily threats of violence on social media and we should be doing everything we can to stamp it out.

Ian Byrne’s candidacy shames the Labour Party. He is not fit to be an MP.

It is no coincidence that it is the Conservative Party that has elected the only two women to be Prime Minister, while Labour’s tally stands at nil.

And it’s a shocking indictment of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership that he is standing by people like Mr Bryne.

Despite purporting to preach a gentler and kindler politics, we keep learning of more and more sexist, racist and anti-Semitic comments from Labour candidates.

Politicians on all sides of the aisle need to raise the tone of debate.

The sort of vitriol from Mr Byrne and other Labour candidates will only further divide us at a time when the country desperately ne to come together.