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Here’s how much it really costs to be a Real Housewife

When you’re a reality star, your life is in the spotlight — and it takes a team of people to make it all look effortless. Between the long hours of shooting and multiple promotional appearances, who will manage your schedule, clean your home, or take care of your kids? That’s why many Real Housewives have household staff. For instance, Dorit Kemsley of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills told E! News, “Currently, my staff includes Peggy, who’s baby nurse, Neila, Jagger’s main nanny, and then I’ve got a few nannies for Jagger and Phoenix — to fill in — three full-time housekeepers, and Tiffany, who’s my husband’s assistant.”

One reasonably priced live-in nanny in New York City is said to cost $37,076 per year, but some charge well over $100,000. Personal assistants reportedly can make up to $150,000, while an executive housekeeper can make up to $100,000 (via Business Insider).

In many cases, having a household staff looks like it’s worth the money, but other times, not so much. RHOBH’s Carlton Gebbia, for example, was sued by one of her ex-housekeepers, who claimed Gebbia not only accused her of stealing, but swung a bat at her. Yet on the flip side, Natalie Puche did so well at her gig as assistant to Heather Dubrow of RHOBH that she eventually became Dubrow’s executive director and podcast co-host.