Thursday , May 28 2020
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‘Game-changer’: Cricket to unveil new parental leave policy

Australian cricket star Alyssa Healy has hailed the sport’s new “game-changing” parental leave policy, which will allow players to take up to 12 months of paid leave among a raft of other benefits.

The policy, to be unveiled on Friday, also means that after players who are primary carers return to the field, costs associated with caring for their child during matches and tours will be covered, including flights, accommodation and other travel expenses for the child and a carer until is the child is four years old.

Alyssa Healy says she is proud to be a player in a sport that has such a comprehensive parental leave policy.Credit:AAP

The policy was developed by Cricket Australia and the players‘ union, the Australian Cricketers Association.

Aside from the 12 months of paid parental leave, a pregnant player will be guaranteed a contract extension the following year, in line with their current deal.