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Free lingerie for the women who sparked laundry revolution

It isn’t the first time Colyton has stood up in defiance.

In fact, it once took the title of ‘the most rebellious town in Devon.’

It all began in 1685, when the Catholic James II was crowned king. Shortly after his coronation, his nephew, the Duke of Monmouth, travelled to the south west to build an army to overthrow the king.

Colyton was becoming increasingly influenced by Catholics, which led to religious dissent in the area. As a result, 105 Colyton men chose to follow the Duke of Monmouth – more than any other Devon town.

Although none of these men had any fighting experience, they believed the popularity of the rebellion would triumph – unfortunately for them they were defeated at the battle of Sedgemoor due to tactical errors and fatal misjudgements.

It is unknown how many Colyton men were killed in the battle, but 33 were taken prisoner.

However, the spirit didn’t die as some managed to escape, but those that made the 50-mile trek back from Sedgemoor were either captured or betrayed.

Zachary Drover, 21, was found hiding under a water wheel, but was pardoned – many others were hanged or sent into slavery in the West Indies.

Some were sentenced to be hanged in Colyton, with the intention to put fear into the town to ensure they never rebel again.

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