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Female prison guard ‘performed abusive oral sex on woman in prison laundry room’

Fired former prison guard Amanda Oatis herself faces jail after she was charged with sexually abusing six female inmates (Pictures: Oklahoma County Jail/Facebook)


A prison guard faces multiple serious sex abuse charges amid claims she gave abusive oral sex to a female inmate in a prison laundry room.

Amanda Oatis, 26, was booked into Oklahoma County Jail on January 9 over claims she molested six women between July 2018 and February 2019.

An affidavit claims Oatis performed oral sex on one of the unnamed inmates at least three times, and penetrated her with her finger seven times.

All those instances of alleged abuse are said to have happened in the laundry room at the Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center, where Oatis worked.

Investigator Benjamin Williams said: ‘This account of physically intimate contact between Oatis and (the inmate) was supported by a witness who claimed to have heard Oatis and (the inmate) engaged in sexual activity in the prison’s laundry room, and a witness who saw Oatis and (the inmate) laying in a bed together.’

Oatis is accused of abusing the six women between July 2018 and February 2019, when she was fired from her job after the allegations emerged (Picture: Twitter)

Another alleged victim told Williams Oatis had kissed her around 50 times in a clothing closet situated next to a storage area.

Williams explained: ‘According to (this inmate), this physically intimate contact was accompanied by the fondling of her breasts by Oatis.

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‘The romantic nature of Oatis and (the inmate’s) relationship was supported by a witness who claimed to have seen Oatis and (the inmate)  lying in bed with one another.’

Williams says he heard a recording of a phone call between Oatis and a third woman where the guard allegedly told the woman she missed kissing her.

Oatis is also accused of giving two cell phones and booze to one of the woman she now stands accused of assaulting, KFOR reported.

Both items are strictly forbidden for prison inmates.

The allegations against Oatis came to light last February, with the guard immediately suspended.

She describes herself as being in a relationship on Facebook, and has shared photos of herself with a woman who appears to be her partner.

She has now been charged with multiple counts of sexual battery, forcible anal sodomy, possession of contraband in a penal institution and bringing alcohol into a prison.

Oatis’s bond has been set at $250,000.