Saturday , January 25 2020
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Family celebrates birthday of child killed in bus crash

LOGANSPORT, Ind. ( WLFI) — A Rochester family is celebrating a second birthday without their three kids Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier Stahl. A driver struck and killed the three children after failing to stop for the school bus they were boarding.

Alivia Stahl would be turning eleven this month. Her mother Brittany Ingle said there was no better way to celebrate her birthday than with a viewing event for the sequel of her favorite movie.

“She grew up loving Frozen,” said Ingle. “Frozen was a huge movie in our household because my boys really, really loved Olaf and it was an event that I couldn’t pass up.”

The family partnered with the Mary Max Cinema in Logansport for a special showing of the movie Frozen 2. A portion of the movie ticket proce will go to the MAX Strong Foundation, which is making headway in the state.

“We’ve put billboards in Rochester and we’re hoping to expand the billboard so doing fundraisers like this is giving back to not only the community but also all over in Indiana,” said Ingle.

Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier are now the face of a movement, one their mother never imagined for her kids.

‘Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a tragedy to talk about it and unfortunately, it was my kids,” said Ingle.

She’s hoping her efforts in providing billboards and working with lawmakers will bring more awareness to school bus stop safety.

“I wish that we would have heard about it before and this could have possibly saved my kids‘ lives,” said Ingle.

Ingle’s daughter Selena Stahl said she sees drivers ignore bus stop arms daily and she can’t help but think of her siblings.

“Drivers still go fast around that stop,” said Stahl. “People do go a little slow sometimes, and I understand that because they see the memorial but I don’t really like how people are still passing the buses.”

The 12-year-old wants drivers who ignore the school bus stop arm to remember one thing.

“If you end that life, no family‘s going to want to forgive you for that because you took someone’s child away from them and recently that happened to us because somebody didn’t want to follow the law,” said Stahl. “Children are getting off and on that bus, they’re going to school, they just said goodbye to their family to enjoy their nice day like my siblings tried to have.”

Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier are on multiple billboards in the Rochester area. Ingle is working to get these billboards placed nationwide.