Wednesday , June 26 2019
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Dog Agility Trial at the Fieldhouse

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – There was a lot of dogs racing, tails wagging, and a whole lot of barking today at the Fieldhouse Family Sports and Wellness Center in Zanesville.

The dogs took part in a agility trial where they dealt with all sorts of obstacles. The dogs had to maneuver through and over teeters, tunnels, weaves, jumps, and more.  One handler Jennie McCutcheon races her beautiful all black German Shepard dog, who competes in the 24 inch height division. She says its a great way to bond with your dog, and it is a fun sport to compete in.

“It’s just a really fun sport, and a nice bond with your dog. It’s a good connection, and you know if you have a working dog that loves to compete or just work for you, this is an awesome sport for him,” said McCutcheon

Gym owner Mick Amicone, says its a great event to have at the Fieldhouse Family Sports and Wellness Center because of what it does for the community. He says with the dog owners traveling and competing, it brings a good income for the fieldhouse and local businesses.

“The only thing I want to add is that when these shows are here that its the foundations great concern to bring your kids in bring your family in there’s absolutely no charge for admission to come in and spend the afternoon watching these incredible dogs go through there and go through their runs,” said Amicone

The dogs will be back at the Fieldhouse in April, and these impressive agility trials are worth going to watch.