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Depraved couple who sexually assaulted multiple young children and shared their images online sentenced to pri

A couple who met on Tinder and teamed up to sexually assault and rape children have been found guilty of their charges and will spend more than a decade in prison.

Rebecca Holloway, 26, and Oliver Wilson, 28, were caught after Lincolnshire Police discovered the latter’s illicit activities during an online pedophile investigation, according to the Sun.

Police said Wilson had shown a “great interest in buying used children‘s underwear on eBay” and that he had shared indecent images of youngsters in web chats.

When they raided his home, they uncovered a bag filled with soiled childrens’ clothing, and also seized his phone, where they found conversations between him and Holloway about the abuse of children.

They subsequently raided Holloway‘s home in Grimsby, where they similarly found sex toys and indecent pictures of children that included close-up images of underwear.

When questioned, the 26-year-old reportedly admitted to raping two children, and also confessed to sexual assault crimes that involved a child younger than 13 years of age. She revealed she had made indecent images of the children for use on social media.

Detectives also tied her and Wilson, who had met on Tinder and been together for one year at the time of their arrest in 2018, with the rape of a schoolgirl, and both were charged with rape and sexual assault.

Holloway and Wilson, who had previously appeared at Grimsby Crown Court to admit rape and sexual assault charges, were sentenced this past week at the Teeside Crown Court. 

Prosecutor Gordon Stables said the two sank to “real depths of depravity to satisfy their own sexual urges.” Even the public defender, Andrew Bailey, admitted it was “difficult to imagine a more depraved case of sexual behavior.”

Judge Paul Watson QC told the couple their messages to each other were some of the most “depraved and vile” he had ever seen and that one of their victims had been abused in a “horrific and appalling way.”

Addressing Wilson, the judge said the rapes would leave a “deep and long-lasting emotional scarring” on the victims.

“You played your part in the vile sexual acts to which the victim was subjected,” he then told Holloway. “You derived perverted sexual pleasure from what he was doing. You were a willing – even enthusiastic – participant in what happened.”

Holloway was eventually sentenced to more than 12 years in prison while Oliver was ordered to be held behind bars for almost 30 years. She will be on an extended license of a year after prison while Oliver will also have to serve a further five years on license after his release. 

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Sergeant Julia Tee-Boon, of the public protection unit at Lincolnshire Police, said, “I would like to say how thankful I am to officers from both Lincolnshire and Humberside for their efforts in what has been without doubt the most horrendous and emotionally challenging case to work on.”

“It is their sheer determination and professionalism that has resulted in these offenders both being brought to justice,” she continued. “Crimes such as these are abhorrent and vile, and our forces are fully determined to bringing offenders such as these to justice.”

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