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Who’s more competent — men or women? Americans have decided

Time’s up on the competence gap. Women are now viewed as competent as men or even more competent, according to a new study from the American Psychological Association. Researchers performed a meta-analysis of 16 national public-opinion polls from 1946 to 2018, capturing responses from 30,093 U.S. adults. “Challenging traditional claims …

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Why the millennial man is chucking the rat race

Anand Chowdhary, 21, is on the millennial cusp. He established a company in 2014 while still in school, and then moved to Finland after Class XII to pursue a degree in design technology, while continuing to work in his start-up. “Over the last 30 years, work has become a larger …

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Meet Lauren Gepford, Missouri Democrats’ executive director

   JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — With a Republican supermajority dominating Missouri, Lauren Gepford was made to guide the state’s Democratic Party.  Gepford, the Missouri Democratic Party’s executive director, doesn’t shy away from the losses she’s experienced in her work. She worked on a few Missouri state representative campaigns when Democrats …

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Texas prisons suffer staff shortages, hiring issues

GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) Texas spent more than $9 million in signing bonuses in 2018 as the state’s prisons tried to deal with staff shortages but little changed and the state’s 104 prisons still are less than safe places to work. But that’s not so much the case in Gatesville. The …

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