Monday , August 20 2018
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Education Desty teaches children emotional resilience

Our start-up of the week is Education Desty whose mission is to help children discover their strengths and overcome challenges. “Education Desty provides training, practical tools and on-going support to parents, carers and educators to empower them to grow the emotional resilience of children in their care,” explained co-founder and …

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Slideshow 8 banks entangled in Trump-related probes

In the 1976 film “All The President’s Men,” the shadowy character played by Hal Holbrook famously asserted that the key to unraveling the Watergate scandal that was enveloping Richard Nixon’s presidency was to “follow the money.” Forty-four years later, the money trail is a key part of investigations that are …

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Minimum wage hits family life: Parents can’t make ends meet

“Employment is at a near-record high and the national living wage has delivered the highest increase for the lowest paid in 20 years.” Government spokesman Chief executive Alison Garnham said: “There is strong public support for government topping up the wages of low-paid parents and investing in children is the …

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Children watching porn – the bare facts

Left alone with their own devices small children have been secretly viewing pornography and some have even been mimicking what they see online. THE Internet is a mainstay in the lives of today’s youth. However, it is also easy to get caught up in all its content and colours. An …

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Topeka family works to help children with cancer

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Topeka couple whose 2-year-old son died of cancer has found healing in supporting other families through a nonprofit founded in their child‘s memory. Team Blake has already donated $18,000 to five local families with a child fighting a life-threatening illness. The nonprofit has also prepared …

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