Friday , August 23 2019
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‘Basically the minimum wage’: What real estate agents really earn

Top Matildas players, such as Sam Kerr, who at 25 will play her third world cup this year, earn an annual salary of $41,000 to play for their country and the second tier receive $30,000 per year, plus match fees.

Socceroos players are paid by appearance, earning $7000 per match, as well as 30 per cent of all tournament fees – which can be in the millions in a World Cup year split across the squad.

W-League contracts sit at roughly $15,000 for top players. Most supplement this income further by playing overseas domestic leagues in the Australian offseason.

Analysis of census data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows sportspeople have the among highest income disparity across gender lines in Australia.

The median income for full-time sportsmen is $67,652, but the median for full-time sportswomen is $42,900 (58 per cent less). Keep in mind this includes cricketers, footballers, racing car drivers, jockeys, golfers, gymnasts, athletes, surfers, tennis players and squash players – all of which have vastly different average earnings.