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Austen Kroll & Madison LeCroy’s Alleged Cheating Video With Two Girls


Pictured: Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy have been putting their rocky relationship on display during Southern Charm season 6, and, on the finale episode, they could be faced with some of the toughest moments yet. Both have admitted to cheating on each other on the show and they decided to get back together anyway. But, Kroll’s friends were less than supportive of the rekindling. In fact, Kroll’s friends Shep Rose and Craig Conover pushed Kroll to end the relationship multiple times.

Austen Kroll’s Alleged Threesome Video

Kroll was exposed in an alleged cheating scandal, after a woman recorded a video of him, appearing to be caught cheating by LeCroy in a possible threesome. Two women appeared to have spent the night at his place and he was yelling at LeCroy in his underwear, as she questioned the women. Prior to the video being shown on Southern Charm, Kroll talked about his fears surrounding it to Decider. Kroll said, “It’s not old news to a million people that are gonna watch it and then it’s gonna open up all this old bullshit, which you and I have already talked about. We just have to turn a blind eye to it because trolls are gonna go to an Instagram picture of Madison and I from six months ago and be like, ‘Cheater, you loser,’ and it’s like, oh my god.”

According to People, Kroll had been dreading the airing of season 6 episodes because of, not only his relationship with LeCroy, but the ups and downs in his other relationships that it caused. He explained, “It’s not going to be like, ‘Oh! Austen and Madison are wonderful,’ you know? And, ‘They’re just so cute together, I love them.’ I was like, we’re gonna be getting trashed for a little bit, so that’s something that, if you want to be with somebody, then you just got to work through it as best you can. And it works out sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

On the 2019 finale episode of Southern Charm, Rose and Conover show up at an event with the two girls from the video, which makes for some definite head turns. One of the women is named Chelsea Scott. Celebrity Insider reported that the other girl was identified as Danielle Jeffords.

Have a look at the alleged cheating video below.

Shep Rose and Austen Kroll’s Friendship Hits a Wall

Because of Shep Rose and Kroll’s disagreements this season, Kroll has said that their friendship is “in ruins”. After learning that Rose brought the video girls to the event to “be funny”, Kroll said on the show, “This is a blatant, white-glove off, slap in my face to try and get a rise out of me. How petty! And I never thought I would use that word to describe you, ever. How f—— truly petty you are right now.”

The last time that LeCroy was pictured with Kroll on his Instagram account was in April 2019. The same goes for LeCroy’s Instagram. So, Rose and Conover may have gotten their wish, as there are no reports that Kroll and LeCroy are still together.

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